Revisiting Spatial Studies: Theories and New Directions


15 May 2019 (Pinni B 4087)

The workshop will include a guest lecture by Prof. Christian Moraru (UNC Greensboro), the author of Reading for the Planet: Toward a Geomethodology (University of Michigan Press, 2015), as well as a number of short presentations by an interdisciplinary group of researchers from Tampere University as well as other Finnish universities (first panel in Finnish, the remaining panels in English). A detailed programme is attached.

The workshop is jointly organised by the Research Group on Spatial Studies and Environmental Humanities (Plural Research Centre) and the Academy of Finland project “The Changing Environment of the North: Cultural Representations and Uses of Water.”

Registration: To sign up for the workshop, send an e-mail to by 10 May; please specify whether you will come to the dinner (at your own expense).

Programme of the workshop


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