Seminar:  ”Researching Translator Professions”, Friday 30th August 2019

The research group ”The Changing Translatorial Landscape” is organizing a seminar on translatorship on Friday 30th August 2019. The seminar brings together translation researchers from Finland and Sweden with translation professionals from the field to discuss what it means to be a translator in the contemporary society and work life.

The seminar will be held at Tampere University, (Pinni B4087), 13.15 – 17.00 and it is free of charge. However, because of coffee and refreshments we kindly ask you to sign up by Tuesday 27th August.


If you have any questions regarding the seminar, please contact the seminar coordinator Anu Heino (


See the programme for further details:


Researching Translator Professions

Tampere University

Friday 30.8.2019, Pinni B 4087, 13.15-17.00


13.15: Opening of the Seminar. Kaisa Koskinen (Professor of Translation Studies, Head of Unit, Languages, Tampere University)

13.30: What Makes a Government Translator Tick? Examining the Finnish Government English Translators’ Job Resources.  Taru Virtanen (Foreign Languages Unit, Prime Minister’s Office)

14.00: Translator of Tomorrow: from Craftsmanship to AI Utilization. Jari Herrgård (Service Development Manager, Lingsoft Language Services Oy)

14.30: Constructing Finnish Literary Translators’ Translatorship through Narrative Identity: A Case Study. Anu Heino (Doctoral Researcher, Tampere University)


15.00-15.30 Coffee break


15.30: Researching Extratextual Translatorship Using a Mixed-Method Approach. Methodological Insights and Potential Pitfalls.  Elin Svahn (PhD Student, Stockholm University)

16.00: In-house Translation in Finland: Some Diachronic Observations. Minna Ruokonen (Senior Lecturer, University of Eastern Finland) & Minna Hjort (University teacher, University of Turku)

16.30-17.00: Roundtable and Seminar Closing


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