Can China learn from Finnish education? – Finnspired-Sino Scholar Talks in Tampere

As Finnish education is becoming more popular in China and meanwhile China is becoming the biggest education market in the world, we are witnessing more and more educational cooperation taking place between Finland and China. However, one fundamental question is seeking for answers in the cooperation: Can China really learn from Finnish education – and how?

To answer public curiosity, we invite Chinese education experts in Finland to discuss the question and share their insights with us! Come and join us and share your ideas!

Time: April 6th 9:30-12:00
Venue: Tribe Tampere, Pinninkatu 47, Tampere

Chair: Qin He
Director of Sector of Study and Training, Chinese Students and Scholars Association in Tampere (CSSA Tampere ry)

09:00 – 09:30 Registration and morning coffee

09:30 – 09:45 Opening section
Yuhang Gao, Head of Education Sector, Chinese Embassy in Finland
Dr. Antti Lönnqvist, Dean, Faculty of Management,University of Tampere
Prof. Liu Baocun, Director, Sino-Finnish Education Research Centre; Prof. Beijing Normal University, China (video)

09:45 – 10:15 Keynote speech: What China can learn from Finnish Education?
Yuzhuo Cai, Adjunct Professor, University of Tampere
Director, Sino-Finnish Education Research Center

10:15 – 11:45 Panel Talk: How can China and Finland learn from each other’s education system?
Chair by Gaoming Zheng
Researcher, University of Tampere; Chairperson, Chinese Students and Scholars Association in Tampere

Panelists (in no particular order):

Bing Zuo 
Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Management, University of Tampere
Professor, Lingnan Normal University, China

Lijie Li
Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Education, University of Tampere
Associate Professor, Tianjin Normal University, China

Jiao Cheng 
Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Education, University of Tampere
Lecturer, South China Normal University, China

Tanyu Chen 
Customer Relation Manager, Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK)

Paula Strengell
Clinical Teacher, University of Tampere; Visiting scholar in Jinan University, China

11:30 – 12:00 Audience Q&A
12:00 Closing the event

Registration before April 4th:

Co-organizers (in no particular order):
Sino-Finnish Education Research Center (SFERC)
Chinese Students and Scholars Association in Tampere (CSSA Tampere ry)
Chinese Students and Scholars Association in Jyväskylä (CSSA Jyväskylä ry)

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地点:Tribe Tampere, Pinninkatu 47, 33100 Tampere


主持:              贺沁                  坦佩雷学联学习部部长

09:30 – 09: 45

09: 45 – 10: 15
演讲人:蔡瑜琢博士                 坦佩雷大学副教授、中芬教育研究中心主任

10:15 – 12: 00
学者座谈: 芬兰教育与中国
主持:郑高明                            坦佩雷学联主席、坦佩雷大学博士研究生

左兵                  坦佩雷大学访问学者、岭南师范学院教授
李丽洁              坦佩雷大学访问学者、天津师范大学副教授
程蕉                  坦佩雷大学访问学者、华南师范大学讲师
陈坦玉              坦佩雷应用科技大学客户关系经理





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