The Second Workshop for Sino-Finnish Educational Cooperation Professionals Held Successfully


The second workshop for Sino-Finnish educational cooperation professionals was held successfully in Tampere, Finland from August 23 to 25, 2016. All together, around 50 professionals including researchers, practitioners, students and interpreters, participated in the Workshop.

The three-day Workshop provided participants some insights of Finnish education system at different level from basic education to higher education. Participants attended the panel discussion and individual discussion on recent educational reforms in Finland and China from a comparative and cooperative perspective. On the Second day the focused moved to the dual education system in Finland. By visiting ProAcademy and Demola, two innovative units, participants learnt about the close cooperation between university and industry in Finland. On the last day, in the morning participants visited the teacher education school in Tampere, participated in classes together with Finnish students and teachers, and thus learnt about teacher education and basic education in Finland. In the afternoon, they visited the Tampere Adult School and learnt about vocational education in Finland. During the three days, school visits combined with penal discussion and lectures, the Workshop tried to provide participants in-depth learning experiences, and thus enhancing the quality of Finnish-Chinese educational cooperation.

The Workshop also provided practical training opportunities for the Chinese-English Intercultural Interpretation Programme, which was organized by the Chinese Scholars and Students Association in Tampere (CSSA Tampere ry). 11 interpretation trainees practiced their interpretation skills and learnt about Finnish education system. Quality interpretation is of importance for the quality of Sino-Finnish education cooperation. By doing this, the SFERC aimed to cultivate future interpretation talents for Sino-Finnish education cooperation, and thus assuring the quality of education.

Realizing students is also an important group of stakeholders in Sino-Finnish education cooperation, SFERC together with CSSA-Tampere, recruit student volunteers to participate in the Workshop organisation. By doing so, SFERC hopes to engage students in the Sino-Finnish education cooperation as well.

During the Workshop, the shooting of ‘This is Finnish Education’ Video Series also began. Some workshop participants, including students and experts also participated in the filming, and also the scenes of Workshop will be also used in the Video Series.

The Workshop has been organized successfully, and gained high complements from the participants. Many participants also gave valuable feedbacks and comments for the future development of the Workshop, and for the Sino-Finnish educational cooperation. In the end of the Workshop, we granted Workshop participants, interpretation trainees and volunteers with the completion certificates.

Text by Gaoming Zheng

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