University of Tampere and SFERC gain recognition on China Central TV

Special reporters from the most prestigious media outlet in China, the China Central Television paid a three-day visit to report on the progress of UTA’s Sino-Finnish Education Research Centre (SFERC). Estimated viewership of more than 10 million also got a glimpse of Finnish education system as a whole – and what the Chinese could learn from it.

Interviewed by the CCTV, Yuzhuo Cai, Adjunct Professor at UTA’s Faculty of Management, and a Finnish resident for nearly 20 years, took the opportunity the introduce to his compatriots not only the SFERC but also the JoLii (SFERC is one of JoLii’s six education-related centres), a network of several Finnish and Chinese universities cooperating in the field of education.

The CCTV reporters took a keen interest in how both the basic and higher in education in Finland functions, with special consideration to how the highly competetitive Chinese school system might strive for results in the Finnish way – a great challenge, considering how the two societies and cultures differ.

With the merger of Tampere’s three higher education institutions in the beginning of 2019 and the increased interest from both China and Finland, both SFERC – a joint operation between University of Tampere and Beijing Normal University, and the the entire JoLii network with other related Sino-Finnish centres is expected to gain increasing momentum in the form of new Sino-Finnish degree programmes, publications and seminars.

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