“Acrobatics for the Timid is a performance about issues that make us act differently from what we have planned or what would be sensible. We rather walk one more time around the block, instead of entering the coffee shop to wait for a friend who is late. Even if we are eager to sing, we do not have the courage because we are afraid of doing it wrong. We are afraid of going to the toilet at night because we think of all the bogeys we have seen in horror films. But finally we have the courage to call the person we admire”.

The Acrobatics for the Timid dance performance deals with the fear that restricts individual actions, rational/irrational fear, fear as a resource. The objective of the work process is to handle these issues related generally to being humans and the character of dancer/dance makers and performers and create them into moving and expressive materials through physical exercises using our bodies. Regardless of the maker- and dance-oriented approach, the performance is aimed at reaching a general experience level that is hoped to appeal to audiences that are not that familiar with dance.

Open rehearsals
In the demo theatre of the Centre for Practise as Research in Theatre on Wednesdays:
17 September, 1 October, 22 October, 5 November, 19 November and 3 December

The open rehearsals will provide all who are interested with the possibility of following the creation of a dance performance in the short- or long-term from September to December up to the premier of the complete performance.

Each rehearsal focuses on a different theme or performance section.

Familiar with the Everyday Life of Professionals project
In the project vocational education dance students from the Tampere Conservatoire are familiarised with the work of freelance dancers and the process of creating a modern dance performance. The project is built around the Acrobatics for the Timid performance. The project is directed by dance artist Maria Kananen.

Tales of Everyday Fears collection
The collection will be organised in spring 2008 to collect background material for the performance. The collected material will be used as source material for the dance performance and as part of the finished performance. Those who have entered their contact information will receive information about the performance and an invitation to the show. It is also possible to write using a pseudonym. Additional information: www.routacompany.fi

Performances and audience discussions
The Acrobatics for the Timid dance performance will be accompanied with Kirsi Saastamoinen’s -950 performed by the Kajaani-based Routa group in the Demo Theatre of the Centre for Practise as Research in Theatre in Tampere on 10 December 2008 (opening night) and on 12, 14 and 14 December 2008. Public discussion events will be organised during the performances.

Dance and choreography: Maria Kananen
Choreographic direction: Jyrki Karttunen
Costume design: Elina Vättö
Sound design: Antti Mäkelä
Light design: Timo Hynninen

Cooperation parties
The Acrobatics for the Timid dance performance is a joint production of the Centre for Practise as Research in Theatre, the Routa company, Karttunen Kollektiv and the Central Finland Regional Dance Centre.

Routa is an open contemporary dance production company. The unconventional Routa group originating from the reality of the Kainuu region aims at providing dance professionals with peaceful working conditions. Routa’s stage in Kajaani is the Generaattori performing arts facility where Routa’s office is also located.

Karttunen Kollektiv is fresh contemporary dance production company that manages the artistic work of choreographer and dancer Jyrki Karttunen. Karttunen Kollektiv produces an average of one new premiere every year and tours domestically and internationally with their repertoire programme.

The Central Finland Regional Dance Centre promotes dance culture in the Pirkanmaa, Central Finland and Häme regions. It issues announcements concerning dance activities, promotes the availability of dance and cultural services and supports the operations and employment of dance professionals.

The Finnish Dance Committee has granted support for the production.

Does fear control your life?
Fear controls our behaviour and actions strongly in various situations. Fear can also restrict and prevent living life to the fullest. Fears can be overcome and we can learn to live with them.

What kinds of ideas do you have about fear and its effect on your life?
We are collecting experiences in fears related to everyday situations as source material for the Acrobatics for the Timid dance production. Send your experiences to use; the style is free! Send your description to us by 31 July 2008. Your material will be kept confidential.

You can also use a pseudonym. However, if you wish to receive information about the progress of the production and an invitation to the performance, enter your contact information.

Send your text to akrobatiaaaroille@gmail.com
or to address:
Routa, Kauppakatu 36, 87100 Kajaani (enter “Acrobatics to the Timid” to the envelope)

Additional information