Global Health Group

Our group’s research is focused on maternal and child health. We are located at the Center for Child Health Research in Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences, University of Tampere.

We have several research projects and offer research training. In order to provide and expand the knowledge in research we have collaborative links to research organizations on several continents.

Latest News & Events

News: Tutkimusuutiset 15.11.2018: Vauvan tarkkaavaisuuden tutkimus laajeni Malawissa / The study of infant attention expands in Malawi

Academic dissertation: Friday 28.9.2018 at 12 in Arvo-building, Yellow Hall F025. Ulla Harjunmaa: Nutrition Supplements, Oral Health and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in Malawi.

News: Yle 18.9.2018: Väitös: Äidin reikiintyneistä hampaista lähtöisin oleva tulehdus vaikuttaa raskauteen ja vauvaan

News: Aamulehti 18.9.2018: Haaveiletko vauvasta? Huolehdi hampaistasi ja paikkauta reiät viimeistään raskauden aikana – uusi tamperelaistutkimus paljastaa useita tulehduksen tuomia riskejä

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Latest Publications

Hemsworth et al. Comparison of an interactive 24-h recall and weighed food record for measuring energy and nutrient intakes from complementary foods among 9-10-month-old Malawian infants consuming lipid-based nutrient supplements. Br J Nutr, 2018.

Gondwe et al. Pre-pregnancy body mass index (BMI) and maternal gestational weight gain are positively associated with birth outcomes in rural Malawi. PLoS One, 2018.

Pyykkö et al. Early development of visual attention in infants in rural Malawi. Dev Sci, 2018.

Leppilahti et al. Diagnosis of Newly Delivered Mothers for Periodontitis with a Novel Oral-Rinse aMMP-8 Point-of-Care Test in a Rural Malawian Population. Diagnostics, 2018.

Jorgensen et al. Effects of lipid-based nutrient supplements or multiple micronutrient supplements compared with iron and folic acid supplements during pregnancy on maternal haemoglobin and iron status. Matern Child Nutr, 2018.

Wright et al. Pathways into and out of overweight and obesity from infancy to mid-childhood. Pediatr Obes, 2018.

Ashorn P. Empirical antibiotic treatment for children suffering from dysentery, cholera, pneumonia, sepsis or severe acute malnutrition. Paediatr Int Child Health, 2018.

Prado et al. A method to develop vocabulary checklists in new languages and their validity to assess early language development. J Health Popul Nutr, 2018.

Teivaanmäki et al. Depressive symptoms are common among rural Malawian adolescents. Child Care Health Dev, 2018.

Dale et al. Recovery and relapse from severe acute malnutrition after treatment: a prospective, observational cohort trial in Pakistan. Public Health Nutr, 2018.

Hallamaa et al. Child Health Outcomes After Presumptive Infection Treatment in Pregnant Women: A Randomized Trial. Pediatrics, 2018.

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