Pre-Information on Master Class Course: “Gender, Media, Leadership: Women in Chinese and Russian Media”

2nd international Master Class week in Tampere (5 ECTS)
September–December 2019 (Master Class in Tampere 28 October–1 November 2019)

The second edition of TaRC’s Master Class focuses on gender questions in Chinese and Russian media with, among others, the confirmed principal teachers: Nadezhda Azhgikhina, Bu Wei, Gina Marchetti, Galina Miazhevich, and Lubov Mulmenko.

Participants will have the opportunity to choose one from the following five work groups:

  • Visual Representations (with separate work groups focusing on China and Russia respectively),
  • Media Industries and Women’s Leadership, or
  • Activism and Modes of Resistance (with separate work groups focusing on China and Russia respectively).

The course is free for up to 40 students of Tampere University and TaRC’s partner universities. Up to ten media professionals are invited to take part via grants provided by JOKES — Journalistisen kulttuurin edistämissäätiö. The course fee for media professionals is 1950 € (VAT 0%).

The spring enrolment period is 2 May–31 May 2019. More information on the course coming up shortly on TaRC’s home page.