Technology × Social Interaction (TSI)

(× = in / and / for / enhancing / mediating)


We study, design and construct new computationally supported ways to bring people together. We enrich the social elements in experiencing interactive technology.

Some of our research questions:

  • How to optimally support collaboration and co-creation with information technology?
  • How to design socially acceptable and ethically sustainable technology?
  • How can human intelligence and artificial intelligence best work together?
  • How could data science help identify relevant people for professional collaboration?
  • What is Big Social Data and how to utilise and visualise it for sustainable purposes?
  • How to make isolating technologies more social (e.g., virtual reality or personal devices)?

We argue to be a truly multidisciplinary group, building on human-technology interaction, user experience, computer-supported cooperative work, social computing, data science, network research, internet research, and social psychology.

Contact and group lead:

Earlier, part of our group used to operate at Tampere University of Technology, research team of Social Technologies.