TNT – Theatre & New Technology: Digital Solutions in Performing Arts is a Nordic network project coordinated by The Centre for Practise as Research in Theatre T7 (University of Tampere / School of Communication, Media and Theatre) and Riksteatern (Sweden).

The project establishes a network of Nordic art institutions, individual artists, freelancers, educational organizations, theatres, festivals, researchers and other specialists to facilitate and support widely the use of new digital solutions in the performing arts. The network gathers together the current know-how on new technological solution in performing arts by organizing a series of practical workshops and seminars in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland.

The TNT – Theatre & New Technology project capitalizes on the previous Scen utan gränser/ Scene without boarders network, in which the discussion on the necessity of collective Nordic development of technical innovations and sharing results of national development projects has been launched.

The TNT – Theatre & New Technology project’s other main partners are Lillehammer University College (Faculty of Television Production and Film) and Iceland Academy of the Arts (Department of Performing Arts) as well as Företagarna på Åland and Ålands Musikinstitut.

The main funders of the project are Nordic Culture Point and Nordplus Horizontal.