As academic researcher, you have the spiritual freedom to go wherever you want to

Doctoral student FangFang Lee from the University of Vaasa tells in her Youtube video her dream career to be academic researcher. She studies how social media is used as companies’ marketing strategy. The connections between academic research and industry are covered also in the research of Kim Westerlund: I am pursuing the doctoral degree in industrial district, in regional clusters regarding the energy cluster in Vaasa.” Fifteen doctoral students from the University of Vaasa share their knowledge and expertise to wider audience – including future employers – in Youtube videos.

A total of 100 videos will  be produced from five Finnish partner universities participating in TOHTOS project. The aim of this project is to develop the working life relevance of doctoral training. TOHTOS project is funded by European Union Social Fund. All the doctoral videos are collected to playlist Doctoral stories I Tohtoritarinat.

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