Passion, analytical thinking, communication skills – top features of our future doctors

I have two big passions – learning and teaching”. Doctoral student Sevcan Hakyemez from University of Turku reveals in her Youtube video, why she has become a researcher of education.

The doctoral students from University of Turku show their expertise in 100-second Youtube videos. These videos show the life and expertise of doctoral students from various fields. Besides having wide theoretical knowledge, they have plenty of working life skills, including communication skills, language skills and ability analytical thinking and problem solving. These doctors are not afraid of challenges and they adapt quickly to new environments. “I have a strong vision for preventing illnesses… I want to have an impact on society”, tells Tiina Saanijoki from the field of clinical physiology and isotope medicine.

These Youtube videos are a part of national TOHTOS project, which aims to develop the working life relevance of doctoral training. Five Finnish universities produce altogether 100 Youtube videos to show employers, what kind of expertise our future doctors have. TOHTOS project is funded by European Social Fund.

Watch all the TOHTOS Youtube videos in our Youtube channel Doctoral stories I Tohtoritarinat

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