Member Role Projects Expertise
Laura Saarimäki PhD student Toxicogenomics characterisation of nonmaterial mechanism of action Omics data analysis, bioinformatics, molecular biology.
Laura Kananen Postdoc Epigenetic effects of chemical exposure Epigenomics data analysis, epidemiology.
Pia Kinaret, PhD Postdoc Immunomodulatory effects of engineered nanomaterials. Cell and molecular biology; immunology; nanotoxicology; bioinformatics.
Angela Serra, PhD Postdoc Integrated models in predictive systems toxicology and pharmacology. Bioinformatics; biostatistics; omics data analysis, integration and modelling; systems toxicology; machine learning; cheminformatics.
Veer Marwah, MSc PhD student Gene network modelling in systems toxicology.
Integration of omics trchnologies in chemical risk assessment
Bioinformatics; omics data analysis and integration. Programming. Systems toxicology.
Antonio Federico, MSc Postdoc Gene networks to model drugability of human cancers. Bioinformatics. Omics data analysis and integration. Predictive pharmacology.
Vittorio Fortino, PhD Postdoc, alumnus (2013 – 2018, currently assistant professor at the University of Eastern Finland) Omics-derived biomarkers discovery. Machine learning. Omics data analysis, integration and modelling. Systems toxicology.
Giovanni Scala, PhD Postdoc Multi-omics approaches to define engineered nanomaterials adverse outcome pathways (AOP).
Epigenomic therapeutic targets of human cancers.
Epidemiological epigenomics of asthma.
Bioinformatics. Biostatistics. Omics data analysis, integration and modelling. systems toxicology.