Trivium –  Tampere Centre for Classical, Medieval and Early Modern Studies, founded October 10th 2006, is a multidisciplinary research centre of The Faculty School of Social Sciences at the University of Tampere. Our purpose is to increase dialogue and encourage study of classical, medieval, and early modern cultures, society, and everyday life. The members of the centre work as historians, philologists, as well as with literature and philosophy.

The researchers of Trivium working at the University of Tampere have been successful in obtaining research funding from elsewhere: during the past ten years, they have received approximately 4 million euros from the Academy of Finland as well as from different trusts and foundations.


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Welcome to the Classic Days!

The overall theme of our meeting is “Antiquity and the future of humanities in Finland” – our invited speaker is Dr. Sixten Korkman, with the title “Onko humanismi taloutta tärkeämpää?” …